Dienstag, 3. April 2007

Future Cyprus Holidays

Now I can sleep easily! Finally we’ve decided where we will spend our summer holidays! We’ll go to Cyprus. At the beginning we thought it will be Corsica. But our friends told us that this is a very small island and there is almost nothing to see. So it will be Cyprus. Our friends who’ve spent a lot of time there recommended the Grecian Park hotel. Moreover there are still available rooms. We could find another cheaper hotel, but this was strongly recommended! There is a lot of information about Grecian Park, but friends really tell the truth.
Now we have to plan what to see in Cyprus and to decide if we need to hire a car.

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Grecian Bay
I can recommend the Grecian Bay hotel, Cyprus for your...
blackpear - 4. Jun, 10:54
Thanx to Tim I discovered...
Thanx to Tim I discovered Santorini! it's really wonderful!
blackpear - 28. Mai, 07:16
Future Cyprus Holidays
Now I can sleep easily! Finally we’ve decided...
blackpear - 3. Apr, 16:50




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